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I suppose the good method to enter these sites is the right-clicking on them and clicking on the "Open in new tab".

1 - http://www.TheBibleSite.org
(click on the button on the right of site with mark "Donate Bibles. It's free. Click here.")

2 - http://www.polskieserce.pl 
(click on the coin)

4 - http://www.habitat.pl/domek.aspx?noban=1/
(just enter site!)

5 - http://www.okruszek.org.pl
(click on the bread)

6 - http://www.marzenia.bphtfi.pl
(click on the sign "kliknij i pomóż")

7 - http://www.pajacyk.pl

(click on the puppet's belly)

8 - http://www.thehungersite.com
(click on the button. Then check the all others bookmarks on the top of the site where you can click to help)

9 - http://www.porloschicos.com

(click on the rounded token that changes view into happy face when you point on it)

10 - http://www.hungrychildren.com
(click on the button "Click here to help a child")

11 - http://www.povertyfighters.com
(click on the "click to donate!" button, then next button will appear. Click on it 2 times)

12 - http://www.solvepoverty.com
(click on the "DONATE FREELY" text)

13 - http://www.improvingyourworld.org

(click on the one of three buttons, every make another difference)

14 - http://www.thestophivsite.com/

(click on the button in center)

15 - http://www.craigresearchlabs.com/cancer.html
(click on the button in center)

16 - http://www.saia.com/v2/default.aspx
(click on the truck)

17 - matercare.org/lifesaver.asp

(I think you only need to enter the site)

18 - http://www.giveaminute.org
(click on the banner labeled "Tarahumara")

19 - http://theenvironmentsite.org/donate

(click on the button in center)

20 - http://www.ecologyfund.com/ecology/_donate_pol.html
(click on the one of four red buttons. Then click others. After that, click on the 2 orange buttons)

21 - http://redjellyfish.com
(click on the one of 2 buttons on the right. Then the second one will appear. Click on it)

22 - http://ettklickforskogen.se/index.php?lang=english

(click on the button "Click for the forest")

23 - http://www.tree4life.com/index.htm

(click on the map)

24 - http://cannecy.free.fr/iforest/en/
(click on the image)

25 - http://cannecy.free.fr/solar/index.php
(click on the picture)

26 - http://www.diewaldseite.de/
(click on the "STOP hier klicken")

27 - http://www.racefortherainforest.com/
(click on the small banner labeled "Save the rainforest")

28 - http://www.freekibble.com/

(there's a question here. You just answer A, B, C or D, that's not mind which answer you'll choose for the help. By the way, very funny site)

29 - http://www.freekibblekat.com/

(same as the site before)

30 - http://www.bigcatrescue.org/icare.htm
(click on the bone)

31 - http://www.ripple.org
(click on the all of these buttons. I suggest to open these URLs with the method I suggest to open the sites here)

32 - http://www.hungerfighters.com
(firstly, click on the button on the left, then on the one on the right")

33 - http://www.youthnoise.com/page.php?page_id=2335
(Click on the button labeled "Click here to make a difference")

34 - http://www.stopglobalwarming.care2.com
(click on the center button, then check all others bookmarks in the site and do the same. The "bookmars" are for example "Seals", "Breast Cancer", "Oceans", "Pets")

EXTRA! http://www.freerice.com/index.php
(this is a word game where you donate 10 grains of rice per right answer. It is very long game)

You have did something wonderfull...
Thank you :>

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